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Der Deutsch Kurzhaar Georgina Byrne


Der Deutsch Kurzhaar, The German Shorthaired Pointer - 1989

written by Mrs. Georgina Byrne - judge and breeder: Burnbrook kennel

Hello, my name is Georgina Byrne.

After more than two years out of print, I'm very pleased to announce that my multi award-winning Der Deutsch-Kurzhaar: the German Shorthaired Pointer is once again available.

This 388 page coffee-table book is the standard reference work about all aspects of the German Shorthaired Pointer. It provides a wealth of information for any breeder or owner of this versatile and popular breed of dog.

Some of the subjects covered include:

The Origin and Development of the Breed
Comparison of Standards
History of the Breed in Germany, USA, Britain, the Netherlands and Australia
The Genetics of the Breed
Coat Colour and Pattern
Breeding Theory and Practice
Show, Field and Obedience
This indispensable reference work includes hundreds of photographs, each cross-referenced with text, to enable the reader to make instant comparisons between dogs of different localities and eras. Its extensive charts and diagrams cover the history and development of the breed, colour inheritance, training techniques and much more. Packed with detailed historical information, useful advice and fascinating stories, Der Deutsch-Kurzhaar is simply the best book available on the German Shorthaired Pointer.

Here are a few sample chapters to give you some idea of the quality and depth of the information my book provides. (This material is maintained by a third party, and all contact details are out of date. Links to these chapters will open in their own windows.)

GSP Breed Standards Compared
Coat Colour/Patterning in Dogs, with Particular Reference to the GSP
Gene Loci for Coat Colour and Pattern
Outcomes of Matings, in Regard to Colour and Pattern
The book was awarded "Best Breed Book" by the Dog Writers' Association of America, and is the recommended text for the World Shorthair Association.

Language: English ISBN: 0 9586864 5 9

To order the book in its entirity, you may contact Georgina. M. Byrne, 1951 Toodyay Rd., Gidgegannup West Australia 6083 or you can order it online

Der Deutsch Kurzhaar Claus Kiefer


Deutsch-Kurzhaar - 1997

written by Mr Claus Kiefer, President of Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verbandes and of Weltverband Deutsch-Kurzhaar and also judge

Features: 145 A5 pages, 48 photographs.

Language: German

To order the book click here

 The Complete German Shorthaired Pointer by Herr H. F. Seiger and Dr. F. von Dewitz-Coelpin

The Complete German Shorthaired Pointer - 1951

by Herr H. F. Seiger and Dr. F. von Dewitz-Cölpin

This book is a "must" for every Deutsch Kurzhaar owner. This is a masterpiece work written in English by Germans in Germany. The First Part is written by Herr H. F. Seiger, the breeder of the "Seigers" Deutsch Kurzhaars, a recognized authority in the breed's native country, while Part 2 is written by Dr. Fritz von Dewitz-Cölpin, a well-known author and huntsman. 


Zuchtbuch Kurzhaar


Zuchtbuch "Kurzhaar"

The German Breeding Book.

Is published every year by the Deutsch-Kurzhaar Verbandes. Contains all the litters from that year (registratration number, name, color, birthday, breeder), photos, pedigrees ad titles of the best males and females of the year and also some interesting statistics.

Language: German

Kurzhaar Blatter


Kurzhaar Blätter

Is published 4 times/year by the Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verbandes

Contains breed competitions, show results, photos, interesting articles.

Language: German

Braque Allemand Gilles Tournier


Le Braque Allemand - 1995

written by Gilles Tournier

Features: 208 pages (14x20,5cm), lots of photos.

Language: French

Club Francais Braque Allemand

Club Français du Braque Allemand

The magazine of the French DK Club.

Contains shows results, interesting articles, photos, etc.

Language: French

Club Francais Braque Allemand Annuaire Elevage


Annuaire d'élevage

Published by the French DK Club. Contains shows and trials results, list of the champions, photos, titles and pedigrees of the best males and females.

Language: French

Braque Allemand Joel Dehasse


Le Braque Allemand - 1996

written by Dr Joel Dehasse

Language: French

Les Braques


Les Braques - 1986

written by A. L. Blat

Features: 286 pages, beautiful photos. Contains information about the most famous continental pointing dogs: GSP, Weimaraner, Hungarian Viszla, French Pointing Dogs (Braque d'Auvergne, Braque Saint-Germain, Braque Francais, Braque Bourbonnais), training methods, nutrition and health. The book was published in only 100 copies.

Language: French


Il Kurzhaar Claudio de Giuliani

Il Kurzhaar

written by Claudio de Giuliani

Language: Italian

The New German Shorthaired Pointer Bede Maxwell

The New German Shorthaired Pointer

written by C. Bede Maxwell

Language: English


The magazine of The Continental Pointing Dogs Club of Finland

Language: Suomi


Svensk Vorsteh


Svensk Vorsteh

The magazine of the Swedish DK Club

Language: Swedish

On the cover Mr Claus Kiefer President of the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verbandes

The newsletter of the Auckland and regions GSP Club Inc

Language: English

Canterbury and Regions German Shorthaired Pointer Club

Language: English


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