Dr. Kleemann Prüfung

Dr. Kleemann Zuchtausleseprüfung

Dr. Kleemann  Zuchtausleseprüfung is without any doubt the most important and prestigious event for the Deutsch Kurzhaar. That is because the participation in this event is possible only for dogs that qualify by passing through a series of exams with a 1st prize and only the elite or “la crème de la crème” has the chance to participate. Even if the participant dogs are only 1st prize dogs, only about 50% of the entered dogs pass the test successfully.
It takes place every two years, only in the even years and until now it was organized mostly in Germany and 2 times in Austria.

The event bears the name of one of the most influential and important personalities in the history of the Deutsch Kurzhaar: Dr. Paul Kleemann also known as the “Kurzhaardoktor” (†1940), breeder of the “Mauderode” and President of the Klub Kurzhaar Berlin (Stammklub) e.V between 1911-1938.

Dr. Paul Kleemann


 The first 13 editions were not organized only in the even years and they were not organized on a regular basis, one of the main reasons being the World War II.

The first edition took place in 1939; in 1953 waterwork was introduced as part of the examination. Only males could participate in the Kleemann Prufüng, while females were competing in a similar examination named Diana Ausleseprüfung.

In 1976 I could find the last reference to Kleemann Prufüng and Diana Ausleseprüfung in the Zuchtbuch 1976, Band 80. Starting with the Zuchtbuch 1978. Band 82, only the Kleemann Prufüng is mentioned as both sexes were judged together in the Kleemann Prufüng , but at the end of the event there is a prize for the Best Male and Best Female of the examination.

In the older times dogs could participate into the Kleemann test without having passed the VBR or VSwP. In this case the result was “Kleemann Bestanden” and the pedigree was stamped with “Kl. Ausl. Prfg.” in red without obtaining the KS title. The KS title could have been confirmed only after the dogs have passed the VBR or VSwP.

The exam is judged on a Pass or Fail basis, the successful dogs becoming Kurzhaar Sieger “KS” and the title “KS” becomes a part of the dog’s name.

In order to accepted in the Kleemann Prufüng, a dog must fulfill the following requirements:

-      2 x 1st Prizes in Derby, Solms or AZP – Derby alone is not sufficient but it is mandatory; single repetition of each test is permitted

-      1st Prize in VGP

-      A SG (Sehr Gut=Very Good) qualification in conformation in Adult Class (Altersklasse)

-      HN (sharpness) certificate

-      VBR certificate or to have passed a VSwP (blood tracking test)

-      HD-free – grades A1, A2, B1, B2

Dogs that passed Solms, AZP or VGP without the living duck category because of local restrictions or dogs that passed the above tests with grades lower than “very good” in water work must additionally pass a VBR-E with a minimum “very good” score.

Dogs that showed sensitivity at gunfire or showed other disqualifying faults that made them unbreedable are not allowed to enter.

The event usually lasts 3-4 days. The morning of the first day is reserved for registration and groups drawing in the Prüfungsbüro. Dogs are split into small groups of 4-5 dogs for the evaluation of their work in the following 2 days.

Then, in the afternoon of the first day starts the Zuchtschau, probably the only moment when all the visitors and participants are gathered in the same place. The Zuchtschau is a good opportunity to see all the participant dogs. At the end, the first 5 males and females graded with V (Excellent) are placed from V1 to V5. Dogs that don’t obtain minimum a Very Good rating in the conformation won’t continue the test.

Passing the Zuchtschau is just a small step from what is about to follow.

The hard part comes, as in the next 1-2 days the dogs are going to be evaluated in the field and water. Even if “just field and water” seems very easy, actually it isn’t. The judges are very strict and every detail is observed and penalized or rewarded. Style, steadiness, calmness, every single detail can make the difference. The “dog and leader” must be a team, the dog must be correctly lead and also co-operate with his leader. Not just once I saw good dogs failing because of the mistakes of his leader. In the field each dog performs 4 times for at least 15 minutes. If a dog fails the field, he won’t be able to go further and continue with the water work (or vice versa).

Meanwhile, while the dogs are examined, some of the ladies can enjoy the “Damenprogramm” – a one day trip to touristic attractions from the test area.

In the last evening a St. Hubertus Messe takes place at the local church, being followed by the Festive Dinner where prizes and diplomas are awarded to the successful leaders.

In the last day all the KS titleholders will participate to a Schausuche, a search in pairs that doesn’t influence the result of the Kleemann test. The winner of the Schausuche will obtain a CACIT title and the 2nd best dog in the search will obtain a resCACIT title.

4 days at the Kleemann represent a good opportunity to see beautiful and good dogs, meet reputable and hardworking breeders and to rejoin with good friends that share the same passion.


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